Also known as Nis (Scandanavia), Para (Finland). Kobold (Germany)

Brownies, as they are called in Scotland, are tiny, good-natured, but often mischeivous creatures. They are invisible to unbelieving adults, but innocent children can see them. Most country houses have one resident Brownie. When he encounters a new house, he will make a big mess in it. The next day, if the mess has been cleaned up, he will move in with the family, because he approves of their tidiness. Then, when the family sleeps, he will do household chores for them, such as sweeping, cleaning the cinders out of the fireplace, and filling the water buckets. As long as he is treated well and his favors aren't abused, he will remain very loyal to the family, even moving with them to new houses. But beware the servant who mistreats a Brownie!


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Encyclopedia Mythica: Brownie

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