Little People Stories

Have you had any experiences with little people? Few of us have actually seen them, but most people have had some experience that can only be explained little people. (Or at least, for our sanity's sake, it's a whole lot easier to blame the little people for these events.) Here are some stories of our encounters with little people.

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When we first moved into our new apartment in New York City, we made the mistake of hiring a moving company, which meant we spent about two weeks in a totally empty apartment waiting for the moving company to deliver our stuff. Literally all we had in the apartment were a few milk crates, a few pillows, a few dishes, our laptops, and an air mattress. Jonathan brought a few ethernet cables home from work. They were short ethernet cables, but they were bright red. A few days later, he needed to take them back to work, so we opened up the closet where we had put them.... and they weren't there. The inside of the closet is white, so a red ethernet cable should have been really obvious. But they weren't there. And they should have been the only thing in the whole closet: they couldn't have gotten buried under something else. So we looked everywhere else in the apartment, which really didn't take very long because there was nothing in it, and still, no red ethernet cables. We searched again in the closet. No ethernet cables.

The next day, we opened up the closet door, and there were the ethernet cables, right in front of our eyes, as obvious as a neon sign in a dark room. We had looked there the day before, but they certainly hadn't been there then. The rotten little people must have hidden them, and then returned them.

--MoJo, March 2003


This story is pretty typical of our experiences with little people. Jonathan was fixing a broken laptop, and he discovered that the problem with the laptop was a teeny tiny little cable, about 1.5cm long and 0.5cm wide. He was keeping the weensy cable on his desk, so that he could look online to find a replacement. Then one day he was telling someone about the itty bitty cable, so he went to his desk to find it, and it wasn't there. We spent a long time looking all over his desk for the tiny cable, and it just wasn't to be found. Jonathan was afraid that he would never be able to fix the laptop, because he wouldn't be able to find a replacement wee cable. But we both knew that if we stopped desperately looking for it, the little people would give it back.

Sure enough, a few days later, Morgan was in the bedroom, and she picked up a laptop that was next to the bed, and the diminutive cable fell out of the laptop. This laptop hadn't been on Jonathan's desk in a long time, so there was no way that the undersized cable had gotten caught in the laptop on the desk and then carried into the bedroom. Clearly, the little people had stolen the cable when it was needed, and then hidden it in a strange place as soon as we weren't trying to find it any more.

--MoJo, November 2004