Also known as Duergar (Scandanavian Edda)

Dwarfs are a race of small stocky men, related to trolls and gnomes, who live in the ground and only come to earth's surface at night. They are renowned for their skill as metallurgists and craftsmen--they make many beautiful, and often magical, items that far surpass human capabilities. They are very wealthy, but that doesn't keep them from stealing from humans. Dwarfs dislike loud noise because they have bad memories of the Norse god Thor throwing his huge hammer at them. The sound of church bells, in particular, scares them away. There are three different races of Dwarf--the White, who are beautiful, gentle creatures who make finery from silver and gold in the winter and play above-ground in the guise of animals in the summer, dancing to beautiful music; the Brown, who are very short and handsome metallurgists, fond of dancing at night and playing tricks on lazy servants; and the Black, who are ugly, evil creatures who are skilled at making arms and armor, especially chainmail, and hate to leave the solitude of their hills.


The Norse Creation Myth--Dwarfs are created, forming out of maggots in Ymir's rotting flesh.

A Dwarf Changeling Story

The Death of the Seven Dwarfs--A very different version of the Snow White story.

The Disappearance of Dwarfs Explained in German Legends


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