You are running late. You are finally all ready to leave, with your coat on and everything you need in your bag. As you dash out the door, you reach out to grab your keys where you left them on the corner of the table and…they aren't there. But you know you set them there just a few minutes ago…

If you were to listen very carefully, you would hear snickering coming from the shadows under the table.

So you begin a frantic search for your keys, and after turning the house upside down, you finally notice a familiar jingle in your coat pocket. You reach in, and there are your keys. How on earth did they get there?

You wouldn't have to listen hard now to hear the miniature belly laughter coming from underneath the table, but you are too busy rushing out the door to notice it. The Little People give each other high fives as you march off in exasperation.

These are the little rascals responsible for all the little odd occurrences in your house--How did the hairbrush end up under the couch cushions? Little People put it there. What was that big crash you just heard coming from the bedroom? Little People, but don't bother looking for them--they will have cleaned up the evidence by the time you get there. And what was that little movement you just saw out of the corner of your eye? A bold Little Person up to some mischief, no doubt.

Welcome to the Home of the Little People

Do little people really exist? We don't pretend to have an answer, but sometimes they are the best explanation for all the strange things that happen. So here you will find information about little people in folklore and legend and in our daily lives. Feel free to contribute your own little people stories!