Silly Stuff

We find lots of silly stuff, and our friends send us lots of silly stuff. So here is some of our silly stuff. I am sure we will update this regularly (well, for a few weeks anyway until we forget that we own a website), so you ought to check back and see what new silly stuff we have acquired.


God vs. Bush This is an overlay of the hurricane paths in Flordia with the results of the election in 2000

The Earth at Night (this is more nifty than silly, it is a large picture (~500k) )

People Should Be More Careful About What They Write on Signs

Here are some more silly signs

This is how tight the competition between FedEx and UPS is!!

Here is a "Enter at your own risk" Section.


I Will Survive. . .

Cat Fight


The Water Buffalo Song

The Song of the Cebu

Other Stuff

Take this test to see if you are responsible enough to have children

Dubya--To Demonstrate Our Patriotism, Here Are Some Items Honoring Our President

Some Bumper Stickers

Curious George

Front Cover Story

Political Asylum


A Joke

The Complete Bushisms

A Song About Florida

A Song About Electile Dysfunction

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