The People Involved in the Project

There were many people involved in the conception and completion of this project who deserve thanks and recognition.

Morgan Kay
Morgan is the "I" referred to throughout this website. I organized the project and did all of the research and writing found on these pages. I did this project during the last semester of my senior year at Oberlin College, where I am majoring in English, Medieval history, and musicology. I am by no means an expert on Medieval manuscripts or Books of Hours, although in the course of this project I have certainly learned vast amounts of information about these topics. With the majors I have, I am hoping to go into library or museum work in the future--my dream is to spend my life surrounded by Medieval books and artifacts.

Jonathan Kay
Jonathan and I make good partners on projects like this. We work well together, and between the two of us we had the knowledge and skills necessary to do this project. Jonathan shares my love of Medieval manuscripts and my excitement about the possibilities computers provide for examining manuscripts. Jonathan graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2000 with a degree in computer science. Without his computer expertise, I couldn't have done this project. Not only does he own and maintain the webserver, he helped me with the digitization itself--meaning he spent two long tiring days cramped in a tiny hot room staring at a computer screen while I turned the lights on and off all the time. But his greatest contribution of all has been his skill at programming. He wrote all sorts of nifty little scripts that did a lot of my work for me. If he hadn't been around, I would have had to individually rotate, crop, resize, and write into html files somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 images, which would have been innumerable hours of long, tedious work for me. But he knew how to write scripts to make the computer do it all for me instantaneously, which saved me literally weeks of work.

Isaac Miller
All of the research and writing for this project counted as a private reading in history, so that I could get some academic credit for all this work. Mr. Miller, who teaches Medieval History, is my advisor for the private reading, and he has been very helpful in suggesting works for me to read and directions to go with the project.

David Calco
It was very fortuitous that I began this project at about the same time David, the webmaster at Oberlin's Allen Memorial Art Museum, was beginning digitization projects in the Art Museum. It was also very generous of him to let me use all of the equipment he had just bought for the museum. The clarity of these images is due entirely to the quality of equipment that David made available to me. The fact that he already knew about digitization standards and equipment saved me a lot of research, and he has referred me to many helpful websites and resources.

Ed Vermue
Ed is the director of Special Collections in Oberlin College's library. He was very kind to let me have access to the Artz Hours, and to be willing to bring the Artz Hours over to the Allen Memorial Art Museum so that I could photograph it.

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